"Donut" Bread Pudding with a Meringue Topping

When your oven throws flat donuts at you, make a donut pudding :)

The whole recipe simply fell in place without any thought.

Zoe at the Artisan Breads had reiterated the necessity of finishing the donuts, which are really just rather thin bread, within 2 hours of baking, I ignored her to clear out my fridge and ended up with about 8 donuts extra.  I stored them in the fridge overnight.  Gau found the donuts rather dull the next morning.
I was toying with the idea of warming it in the toaster when I noticed I had exactly 1 egg leftover and the 3 egg whites from making the dough were still sitting pretty, waiting to be useful.  I took it all out and put it on the counter.
I tore up the donuts and let it steep in a cup of milk for 30 minutes. I was sorely tempted to throw in a handful of cranberries and raisins, but I desisted.  Ash always picks out nuts and raisins.  He loves them on their own, not as part of a dessert.
I then beat the solitary egg with 2 teaspoons of sugar and mixed it into the donut mix.
I dumped everything into a 5" square ceramic baking plate and baked it at 175 deg for about 15 minutes.  The custard looked set.

Nilgiris has started selling Cream of Tartar, 150 Rs to a bottle.  I had made 4 colours of play dough for Ash as soon as I bought it.

 Now the best place to use Cream of Tartar is to stabilize a meringue.  See how this dessert is simply falling in place?

notice the lovely browning in places?

I added a 1/2 teaspoon of the C of T to my eggwhites and beat it with a electric handheld beater until it formed soft peaks.  I continued to beat adding 1 teaspoon sugar at a time until stiff peaks formed and I had used up about 8 - 10 spoons of sugar.  I then poured it over the bread pudding I had taken out of the oven, smoothed it over, teased a few peaks here and there and set it back in the oven for another 15 minutes of baking until the meringue was a little browned.

It looked sooooooo professional when I took it out!  I put it in the fridge and left for work :)

Evening snack...  Bread Pudding with Meringue and CHocolate Pudding on the side.
Gau would have preferred it if I had put a layer of chocolate pudding on the bread pudding before I added the meringue topping.

I am sending this to Charmaine's Aspiring Baker #24 roundup


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