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quip of the day

we were walking along the beach when gau noticed the moon and exclaimed the moon was walking along with him just like in the Harold and the purple crayon book.
I asked him why, the moon is friendly with me he mused.
Then he asked why the moon doesn't hug and kiss him if it loves him. I thought a while and replied I don't know but asked him for his thoughts. He decided the moon didn't have eyes or hands so it couldn't hug and kiss him.
I now wanted to know how the moon could be friendly with him if it didn't have eyes. he didn't deign to reply.

I am still wondering why he said eyes and not mouth.

Joining the anti-oxidant rich food (ARF) tuesday challenge

Finally, I have not only cooked something satisfying gautham's sensitive, discerning palette, I have also managed to do something I enjoy reading about in a few blogs ARF and (DRAMATIC PAUSE) I even managed to take pictures!
I haven’t quite managed to get around to uploading it on my PC though.

I started the day thinking I will cook a quick Cauliflower curry, make some organic whole wheat chapattis and get back to my pending pile of things to-do. Instead, I ended shopping at the book fair in my son's school and yakking with other mom's about kids’ health, vacations, school search etc... When I came home it was nearly 10:45 and sathish leaves at 11:15! Thankfully, he offered to come home for lunch around 2:00 giving me ample time to play in the kitchen. I foraged the fridge. I had a day old red cabbage from the roadside (! Not the wilted food world kind!) Vendor I frequent in Besantnagar, a week old wilting Snake Gourd and a bottle of Karen's Szechwan sauce I had acquire…

quip of the day

"We cannot see the sun at night because it is dark"!

I didnt bother correcting him; I feel, at this age imagination, even when wrong, is much better than knowledge ;)

quip of the day

You know how a steel tumbler with a not-so-flat bottom teeter-totters when you place it with a bang on the kitchen counter?

I asked Gau to put his tumbler in the kitchen, he heard the teeter-tottering after placing it with a bang on the countertop and declared it sounds just like an echo in a mountainous region - lest I misunderstood he meant a repeating fading sound, he repeated "echo" a dozen times, progressively softly to make matters very clear.

quip of the day

2 days in a row! I am improving!
Yesterday Sathish and Gautham were reading a Chinese fairy tale where the hero dies at the end. Gau wanted to know why people die? Sathish explained people grow old, their bodies become weak and feeble, so they die. Gautham rexclaimed "What a waste!" We skittered away without enquiring into what was a waste. He is too young for purpose of life discussions, don't you agree?

quip of the day(s).

The quip of the day was started as a daily routine, But, I am too much of a procrastinator to stick to any sort of a regular schedule; SO today I am combining a few of Gautham's witticism

He learns phonics in the form of songs at school like "lion licking lollipop la la a..."
Today, as I was putting him to bed he sang "Priya with a Pillow pa pa pa..."
He couldn’t bear to leave his father out so he added "Sathish and a Snake singing Sa Sa Sa..."

The AKbar and Birbal animation on Cartoon Network is reasonably well made. We watched 1 episode where Akbar cuts his finger and Birbal says, a la Panglove, "Everything that happens, happens for the best"; a peeved akbar leaves him behind on his hunting trip. He is caught by tribals' and when they are about to sacrifice him to their God, they notice he is not perfect, i.e. he has a very visible cut on his finger and let him go free thus proving Birbal's point. That night, as usual Gau was fussy…