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A tale of two Granolas

It is the hungriest of times, it is the busiest of times.

My son finishes his classes by 2.30 and gets ready for an hour of badminton coaching.  (In school itself.  Thank God!  I don't have to chauffeur him with the bored younger one tagging along.) He needs to pick his school bag, lunch box, change into gym clothes and rush down 2 floors as soon as humanely possible for the sports club.

The coaching itself is quite intense, working on his flexibility, speed of response and cardiac fitness in addition to learning the nuances of the game. It leaves his exhausted and hungry.  Though he never admits to either.  he thinks hunger and exhaustion is experienced by sissies and weaklings.  Like me.  It behooves upon me to give him something healthy, preferably high in calories to keep him content and the contrary devil in him asleep.  You know the one I am talking about.  The one which makes you argue over the silliest things and needle your younger brother until someone threatens to emai…

4 weeks of zero-repeat lunch boxes

I am on a new quest this month.  Making a different lunch every weekday for my son's lunch box.  No repeats for the entire month.

July 2nd  Rajma, Roti Text book preparation of Phulkas and Rajma.  Both the kids love this.  Ash had it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

July 3rd  Spinach Cabbage Pie

July 4th   Idli+Shallots Sambar

July 5th  Chickpea Burger - made into a Murtabak for the adults, I used the left over pie base for the bread

July 6th  Ragda Patties - recipe from Tarla Dalal.  I used a cheese filling instead of the mint mix.
July 9th Pizza - base from French Loaf, sauce and veggies to taste.  Lots of Amul cheese.

July 10th Vada Paav with a Paneer+Sweet Potato vada to increase the protein levels, again base recipe is from Tarla Dalal;  Definitely make the Dry Garlic Chutney she recommends.  We had the regular vada paav for a evening snack.

July 11th  Chinese Fried Rice + Onion Raita - I used a cup of cabbage, 1/2 cup carrots, 1/4 beans, 1/4 frozen peas 4 green chillies, l…

Vegetarian Spinach Cabbage Pie - Eggless baking

I have been trying no-egg baking along with Gayathri's blog every month.  It is just that either I find the result too dense or not as satisfying as the original or I run into technical problems with managing my laptop/cell phone/ipad.  This month I have decided to post what was a very satisfying pie.  It may be way past the deadline but I would like to preserve the recipe I tried online.
I of course tried to make the pie as healthy as possible, though an article in the NYT is freeing my rather stingy hands when it comes to oil.  I have started carrying my own bottle to Restore and buying cold pressed oils.  The fragrance when I make dosas or adai with this oil makes everyone salivate.  It is pretty good in the base of this pie too. The regular peanut oil cannot hold a candle to it.

I love the taste of sweet corn but I am haunted by the idea of how genetically modified this Monsanto import is.  I have started avoiding this in my kitchen.  I am training my kids to enjoy Bhutta rat…