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born kissing the blarney stone

I took my son kurta shopping - his new school uniform is kurta pyjama - and picked one out to try on him, he looked at it and declared it is "trillion billion bigger" than my size :)

Yesterday was a very tiring day - haircut, wrestling with dad all morning, fighting/playing/crying with friend all afternoon, short nap and then off shopping with Chitti at the spencer's plaza. When he finally lay down to sleep he was too tired to even move his limbs. A concerned dad asked him how he was feeling; "You know how sometimes when you get up in the morning you dont feel like getting up at all? That's how I feel." FYI none of us are morning people. We prefer greeting the day when the sun is pretty high up in the sky.

I told him to stop knocking his tumbler on the floor and creating such a din. "My hand, my tumbler, my house. I will do it". I walked out of the room in a huff. I cooled down and explained the beauty of non irritating everyone around yo…