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quip of the day

Gau hasnt come up with any particularly funny or perceptive quips in the last few days; But, he has spewed some rather grown up phrases like "That is true but", "I guess I will", "Complicated is interesting", "not necessarily" etc... He is going to end up on CNN/ESPN when he grows up.
He is suddenly grown up and willing to spend time with friends without parental supervision. His most frequent playmate is somewhat whiny and utterly refuses to share any toy with him. He on the other hand is usually generous. Yet, he preferred throwing frisbee into the air and catching it alongside R and her frisbee to playing with his dad!!! He even chose to chase the soap bubbles from her wand rather than play frisbee with me. This when she never offered to let him have a go at her bubble wand.
Today I took him to the beach to play, he noticed a 10 year old boy playing football by himself. He approached him and they payed together for nearly 30 minutes!

quip(s) of the day

After a blistering hot agninaksatram, the rain Gods finally took pity on us yesterday afternoon. Today morning was equally pleasant. When Gau woke up, I told him I had been to the beach and the weather was awesome.
Gau: this early in the morning?
Me: I had to buy some vegetables.
Gau: AT the beach?! What did you buy? Plankton?

On the way to school, he declared today is the freshest day ever. "As fresh as you feel after a very long bath" he clarified. Did I tell you it was the coolest morning in 3 months?

a few long pending quips

Between summer vacations and a sudden whim to try to get into a good school and may be do my PhD in Biotechnology, I have had nary a minute to update my blog with the zillion views my son has to share.
I frequently whine about my pear shape body. My son stuck a baby coconut to the pointed nail end of a old-fashioned wooden top and declared he has made a fat doll just like me!
This ungracious comment was all my doing (and a little my husband's). At 5'4" and 120 lb, I am not overweight, just a little plump. You know how we women always worry about our owning aging, expanding figures while struggling to give our daughters a positive body image? I just realised that solved only a quarter of the problem; The unseen is in 3 parts, giving our sons a positive body image and ensuring both boys and girls see everyone in a uncritical light!

We had gone to Pondy to see my parents. Gau loves all the songs in Ghajini and hence the actor Surya. He would watch the songs from the mo…