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Unbeatable wit at 3!

My 3 year old is always full of questions, what when , why how etc.... He also frequently, unintentionally (I Hope) sounds sarcastic, wise, ironic and of course funny by turn. Yestarday he had a enjoyable meal of pasta and soup. He wanted to know what dad would eat. I informed him I had packed the same meal in his lunch box, he would be eating pasta at work. He asked "Dad goes to office to work right? Why does he eat there?".

I had placed a bowl of fresh milk in front of the altar for neivedyam. "If you put milk in a bowl, only a dog will drink it" he quipped after enquiring what I was doing and why.

Sathish told him Gautham Gambir, the Indian opener is very sticky, hence the name "Gum"bir. We were matching a charlie chaplin act where the papasan chair sticks to Kamal Hassan's bum. "He has become Gautham Gambir" he quipped! It took me a couple of seconds to get it.