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I come to the end of my first semester as a PhD student. I am exhausted and humbled. My final exams were very hard! I guess studying towards exams is a habit not just something that occurs automatically when one does a lot of research in the area...
Now, how do I get off this ride?

To cheer me up, I have started another mania via my sister in Bangalore. There is a 10K run in Bangalore on 31st May. I am going to participate and hopefully complete.

So today I started my training. 4 km in 40 minutes at IIT Stadium followed by pranayama. I did this after I dropped my son off at his cricket camp at 6 AM. Now sitting at my desk at 12 am I am a tad sleepy and my calves are tired and my breakfast was inadequate (Oats and a 1/2 banana).

I have made Spinach paratha and cauliflower curry for lunch. I have also cooked a small bowl of soybeans towards a salad... Can't wait to get home to it.