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Quantified Son

Today my ADD took me on a very interesting journey which may end up destroying itself once for all! The idea is to design our own experiments for behaviour change by quantifying the change we wish to make resulting in the vastly improved (but perhaps unbearable) Quantified Self! A lot of tracking the good and bad behaviours is involved. But, someone has eliminated coffee with such ideas and someone else has proved butter makes you smarter!
For example, I know searching for papers related to my research frequently has me easily distracted by easily digestible but useless sites (duh!). But, if I can quantify how much, how long I was distracted and how much better I worked when I desisted, I might end up enhancing my productivity (and lose the ability to gather interesting tools forever! Hey, is this why youngsters who are a lot less disciplined at work end up changing the game altogether far more often than less-young-fogeys like me?). Of course, keeping track of all the focus and non…

New Year New Beginning

My second one is going to be a year soon! How time flies! While the quantity of research I have done is dismal (we won't even mention quality here), I am beginning to feel things will look up soon.
For one, I will reduce frequency of nursing without a feeling of guilt - 50% of calories only from me not 90. He will also start playing more with toys and less with/on me (fingers crossed) and I can pack him off to a daycare when he is 18 months for 3 hours everyday. Also he will eat more table foods and less special foods. Time spent slaving at the stove should reduce.
The problem now reduces to my own intractable ADD. We have sort of decided on a apartment to buy. I have spent huge chunks of time at home and work just day dreaming about furniture placements, paints, kitchen recipes, grihapravesam, vastu, healthier lifestyle resolutions, friend search, activity search etc... and Google has aided and abetted me.
I claim no faith in vastu but I spend a lot of time wondering how …