New Year New Beginning

My second one is going to be a year soon! How time flies! While the quantity of research I have done is dismal (we won't even mention quality here), I am beginning to feel things will look up soon.

For one, I will reduce frequency of nursing without a feeling of guilt - 50% of calories only from me not 90. He will also start playing more with toys and less with/on me (fingers crossed) and I can pack him off to a daycare when he is 18 months for 3 hours everyday. Also he will eat more table foods and less special foods. Time spent slaving at the stove should reduce.

The problem now reduces to my own intractable ADD. We have sort of decided on a apartment to buy. I have spent huge chunks of time at home and work just day dreaming about furniture placements, paints, kitchen recipes, grihapravesam, vastu, healthier lifestyle resolutions, friend search, activity search etc... and Google has aided and abetted me.

I claim no faith in vastu but I spend a lot of time wondering how to move the 3rd bedroom in the northwest corner of the house to the west placed kitchen and vice versa. To be fair my skepticism in any superstition disappears in the face of any trouble.

Meanwhile I have taken up member ship in a online library They delivered the books on Sat (Wicked Prey for me and A Giraffe and a Half for my sons), I finished both on Sunday. No ADD here.

Sunday was karthigai. I lit very few lamps worrying about my baby struggling to touch the lit lamps. Aval pori was good, Nellu pori wouldn't ball up and Appam was a total disaster! It simply disintegrated in the oil! Adai was good. My dad enjoyed the adai but my 8 year old epicure asked me what I had changed in the regular recipe, it tastes "awkward"! I had used red rice puttu flour instead of grinding regular rice. I am torn between shaking him and delighting in his sensitive taste buds and interesting turn of phrase.

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