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Non Sequiter

I bought a new HP Pavilion DV4 laptop with all the works.HP has a promotion going on, allowing us to download 1000 songs.  I did not get the activation code for the promotion so I tried to get to HP support.I tried online chat help - no help for HP Pavilion DV4 available.Then I tried calling their helpline - after they walked me through 4 options they gave the recorded message "On account of Good Friday all our service centre's are closed"Finally i entered a complaint online and the complaint registration ended with the promise to email my complaint details to me.This is the email i got:

So basically techsupport.India does NOT exist!!!!!

I finally got in touch with a phone support person on 7th APril, she asked me to contact a delhi-based redemption center which directed me back to the support center.

I have filed a online complaint now and I have a complaint code to track status. Let us see what happens now.

Apple Pancake

When we were kids and people came to visit, they usually brought the fruit(s) of the season for the hostess and sweet limes.  The fruits were always delicious and devoured with great appreciation within a couple of days.  The tradition of buying fruits for the hostess continues, but with burgeoning supermarkets the fruit of the season concept has dropped along the ways (except for mangoes, Thank God!)  Consequently I seem to end up with nearly a dozen apples every other week.  These are NOT the delicious apples of varying sizes and complex flavour I remember from my childhood, these are imported red delicious variety.  Each apple looks exactly like the other in size and all are a uniform red like they have been dipped in a bucket of acrylic paint labeled "Red Delicious #2"with no shades of yellow/orange for relief and they all have a slightly sweet mealy flavour*.  Ergo I have the daunting task of feeding tasteless apples to my very picky son.  I douse the apples in fruit ch…