Non Sequiter

I bought a new HP Pavilion DV4 laptop with all the works.

HP has a promotion going on, allowing us to download 1000 songs.  I did not get the activation code for the promotion so I tried to get to HP support.

I tried online chat help - no help for HP Pavilion DV4 available.

Then I tried calling their helpline - after they walked me through 4 options they gave the recorded message "On account of Good Friday all our service centre's are closed"

Finally i entered a complaint online and the complaint registration ended with the promise to email my complaint details to me.

This is the email i got:

So basically techsupport.India does NOT exist!!!!!

I finally got in touch with a phone support person on 7th APril, she asked me to contact a delhi-based redemption center which directed me back to the support center.

I have filed a online complaint now and I have a complaint code to track status. Let us see what happens now.
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