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Chennai Vs Bangalore

We have been here for 6 years now and are finally looking into buying a flat here. We would prefer south chennai - Adyar,Besantanagar, maybe Thiruvanmiyur. Prices here are exorbitant! We keep revisiting the question of best city to settle down. S. would prefer coimbatore, me Bangalore and my son wants to stay put right here in Chennai preferably in the apt we have lived for the last 6 years. He thinks we should just persuade the houseowner to sell this flat to us.
I have grown rather fond of Chennai in the past few years and I am increasingly disillusioned by the changes in Bangalore, so I reserve the right to mention the negatives of Chennai alone.
Weather sucks big time. Most days you cannot dream of going out between 9 and 6, it is simply too hot!
People are totally lacking in civic sense. From the hallowed grounds of IIT's guindy national forest to the innumerable supermarkets dotting the city, no one thinks twice about eating off of a plate/cup and just dropping it …

Interesting blogs and Cool fact of the day

I am always on the lookout for interesting read. My favourite procrastination while trudging through the insurmountable doubts my Research throws up. Today's accidental Gem:
Blogging the Periodic Table

He is actually blogging about the periodic table! What a cool idea! I can't wait for Gau to be old enough to read it and more importantly appreciate the Periodic Table.

Helping Gau with his booklet on Swordfish, I discovered they truly hunt like warriors. They race (swim rapidly at 60mph) to a school of fish and just thrust their sword through the school hoping to land a few fish for the day. Also their underside is white so that the poor fish down below thinks it is looking at the sky not the belly of a powerful predator.

I am also going to try and cook/serve 2 - 3 different grains, vegetables and beans/lentils daily.
Today's Menu : Breakfast Apples, Sattu Mavu, Oats and raisins for baby, Dosa and Karamani (leftover from yesterday) for hubby.

Lunch : Basmati Rice wi…