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Rama Navami with a twist

I am pretty punctilious about observing the myriad festivals that dot the Hindu calendar....

But between Kardiya Nombu (14th March) and Puthu Varsha Pirappu (14th April), I inevitably skip over Rama Navami.

This leaves me feeling a bit guilty, a bit nostalgic and wondering if there is something in my psyche that wants me to forget the existence of this Lord or his birthday.  The guilt and nostalgia is all thanks to my mom - she was a great devotee of Rama and read Ram Charit Manas , well religiously.  How else would you read a religious book?!

I don't get why Rama gets so much traction. He lead a mostly miserable life - banished to the forest in the Prime of youth, then loses his wife to Ravana; instead of overturning heaven and earth to find her, he mostly sits around moping while Hanuman does the hard work - after advance payment only, b.t.w. ;Sugreeva is established as king before Hanuman starts his search!  And remember Bharata, the brother who rules in the north on his behal…