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Double chocolate banana muffin/ almost cake sans eggs

I imagine if I had continued to live in the states, my blogging life would be a continuation of my social life.  The women I hang out with at/outside of work would also be the ones who blog along similar interests and share commentary on the blog.  Blogging hadn't quite taken off when I was living there, here, none of the women I know through work or mommy groups blog for fun.  Whenever I come across a local blog, by local I mean in any place in India I am familiar with, I always latch on and try to engage with comments on their blogs and trying to join their blogging-related endeavour.    Gayathri's blog was one such serendipity find.  She is the only ACTIVE blogger i have found so far.

She has a egg-less  baking group I promptly signed up for, then just like at work with my research, I promptly got lost in thoughts of what to make, why is egg used etc... and didn't quite get down to baking until today.  I even planned enough to save browned bananas in the fridge (looked…

Eating with the eyes?

I cook chana daal with methi, onions, garlic and tomatoes; Serve it with roti and/or rice it is a blah lunch.  I cook the same chana dal, drain the water, fry the methi leaves, onion and garlic.  Mix everything together, form into patties and insert between two halves of a burger bun, it suddenly becomes irresistible?  How is that possible?  I prefer the former version, my son the latter.

Does the addition of raw veggies, mint sauce and a slice of cheese really change the taste so much?  Or is he just eating wth his eyes?  Cool modern burger as opposed to my grandmother's fare?

I usually add a potato to bind the chana and methi together and to give him some much needed carbs.  This is usually a hit in his lunch box, served with ketchup on the side and NO fries.