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memorable beginnings

My baby is suddenly a lil man! He goes to a regular school now; Pre-Primary II at HarisriVidyalayam. Every free moment I find, I continue to worry about the effect schooling will have on him. He is coping superbly though - his teacher said he is "Just Perfect" in his class.
We are diverging in our choices though; His best friend from preschool, Samyukth is in a different section in HariSri. I felt I would be on the same wavelength as the teacher in Samyukth's class and Gautham sobbed his lil heart out the day they separated the two kids into different class rooms. My entreaties to put them back together in the same class room (Just 12 kids to a class) fell on deaf ears and hard hearts. While I was meditating over revenge and school change, my son took to his class and his teacher!
He frequently walks down the staircase holding her hand, he indulges her fairy tales - rain occurs when the cloud covered sun is sad and cries (with me it would be don't be silly P.…