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Rousing applause for Nupur of OneHotStove!

She helped me achieve the impossible: A (nearly) empty lunchbox which had contained an adaptation of her open face sandwich!
My son doesnt like openfaced sandwiches, so I skipped the skillet cooking, just covered the op[en side with another slice of bread and grilled the whole assembly in my sandwich maker.

And you know what the best part? In anticiptaion of eating sandwich for lunch, the little man agreed to eat a Tamil Nadu Style Power Breakfast - Paruppu saatham and keerai masiyal!

Thanks Nupur!

As time goes on...

There is nothing funnier or more touching than the saga of Gau's friendship with my neighbour's son.

Sid is 7 years old, very tall for his age and a total brat (in the nicest sense). Gau is 5 year old pretending to be on par with sid in height, weight, physical capabilities and (Ahem!) wisdom . Together they are like a lot of old married couples - can't stay apart from each other, but will fight every other minute they are together! They get into some fantastic scrapes and manage to cover the gamut of human drama better than any 10 year long soap opera!

Recently sid had the flu. Both were given strict instructions to avoid each other for 2 days atleast. Gau sobbed his heart out. I didnt get to see S. reaction, but that night he slipped a letter under our door.

The handwritten letter without any help from any one said:
"I am sick. I cant play with you until Tuesday or thursday. You must stay For (he must have meant far ;) from me but not too Far"

Gau was asle…