quip of the day(s).

The quip of the day was started as a daily routine, But, I am too much of a procrastinator to stick to any sort of a regular schedule; SO today I am combining a few of Gautham's witticism

He learns phonics in the form of songs at school like "lion licking lollipop la la a..."
Today, as I was putting him to bed he sang "Priya with a Pillow pa pa pa..."
He couldn’t bear to leave his father out so he added "Sathish and a Snake singing Sa Sa Sa..."

The AKbar and Birbal animation on Cartoon Network is reasonably well made. We watched 1 episode where Akbar cuts his finger and Birbal says, a la Panglove, "Everything that happens, happens for the best"; a peeved akbar leaves him behind on his hunting trip. He is caught by tribals' and when they are about to sacrifice him to their God, they notice he is not perfect, i.e. he has a very visible cut on his finger and let him go free thus proving Birbal's point. That night, as usual Gau was fussy about eating his dinner. His father tried to explain his blood would be starved for food and will start gobbling up his bones (yes, we specialize in somewhat gory stories) and he will soon be floppy like a piece of cloth. Gau immediately retorted "Everything happens for the best"!

I tried a different route for lunch yesterday. I borrowed from Eric Carle's The Greedy Python, who finally disappears by swallowing his own tail. I told Gau his tummy is hungry, if he doesn’t eat, it will start gobbling his intestine. After a detailed discussion of what exactly is an intestine, he declared he doesn’t mind, because he will get to meet The Greedy Python!

Gau has had a mild case of cold/laryngitis for the past few days and I give him some milky tea to soothe his throat. This was our conversation yesterday:
me: I m going to make some tea, would you like some?
gau: NO!
me: Well think over, I am going to stop giving you tea after tomorrow.
gau: why?
me: well u were sick and tea helped your throat. Now u are feeling much better so I can stop tea.
gau: why stop tea? because I'll fall sick if I keep drinking tea?
me: yeah.
gau: then I can continue drinking tea again!
I wisely walked off to the kitchen and left the catch 22 situation un-tackled ;)

We have been reading Janell Cannon's Crickwing, aimed at making Cockroaches more likable. Yesterday he was watching his bathwater run down the drain and declared he would like to go along with the water so that he can befriend cockroaches. He wont let his dad kill the odd cockroach that dares to come up the drain into our bathroom. He doesnt understand why I get upset if I see one. Now I have explained how our bodies cannot handle the kind of bacteria/germs the cockroach thrives on.

Well he wants me to lie down with him, so I am off.
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