Vegetarian Meal with "Crackling"

We found the episode where the contestants made Grant King's Seafood both fascinating and repulsive in equal parts.  What is squid ink?  How does one eat something so black?  Gau and I had a inconclusive discussion about whether squid ink qualifies as vegetarian or not - Gau says veg since you don't necessarily have to kill the squid to get it(?), it is sort of like milk from cow.  Vegetarian but not vegan.  Ink from a living squid would be muscous-y.  So it is gross and isn't muscous of a non-vegetarian animal also non-vegetarian? etc....

The hilarious part is, we make something called vadam, where we cook tapioca in water along with spices and green chillies, cool it to a handle-able temperature, pour soon sized mix  onto muslin cloth and then sun dry it.  This sun-dried wafer is then deep fried and served alongside rice + gravy + vegetables.  Javvarisi Vadam. 



1 cup Javvarisi  (tapioca) 

1/4 cup Raw Rice
3 Green chillies
1 tsp jeera
salt to taste


Wash and soak the sago and rice overnight

Next morning, add sliced chilles, jeera, 2 cups water pressure cook to 2 whistles and 10 minutes
When the pressure cools, open cooker add enough hot water to the sago mixture to make it to a pouring consistency. 
Pour a spoonful batter on a plastic sheet or muslin cloth (old veshti is what I remember) and spread it into a circle.
Dry under sun.  Store in air-tight tins

I have never ever attempted this on my own.  Once upon a time, my mother and grandmother would collaborate over making this and we were tasked with pouring out spoonfuls onto the cloth and keeping crows off the drying vadams (we never had to do this continuously, wonder why?).  This stash would last an entire year!

I doubt I can get my son to watch over sun-drying food, if I ever tried this at home, I would have to do everything, end to end.  I take the easy way out, walk into any local store and pick a packet of these vadams with a brand name that appeals, come home make lunch and then deep fry the vadams for a side dish.

Vatral Kuzhambu
Carrot Poriyal
Tapioca Vadam
White Rice

 This is for Cook like a Star hosted by Zoe of Bake for Happy KidsAnuja of Simple Baking and Baby Sumo of Eat your heart out.


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