Angry birds attack odyssey!

This is about Pottikadai, not pottukadalai ;)
I had gone to odyssey to buy some ethnic books - books by Indian publishers with excellent ethnic illustrations. Of course, the useless store had nothing, but they had made room in their basement for showcasing Pottikadai.  And no, i don't mean the small mom and pop stores found in very part of chennai. I mean this.
They had a basket of Angry Bird Key Chains, big fat toys with a key ring attached.  I was wondering why this disproportionate size while extorting my angry bird crazy toddler to go for a sticker/pin/crayons.

I picked one and looked underneath, I could see some raincoat like material stuffed inside and couldn't pull it out easily.  I assume it would expand and contract like a bellow and dropped it back.
the bag half pulled out of the bird
bottom lid

As I looked up from dropping the keychain, I noticed an angry bird bag hanging off the shelf.  Then it all clicked in place.  The stuffing inside the angry bird was a bag!  The bird also doubles as a coin purse! 

slot to drop coins
Awesome no? One less excuse for forgetting to carry your own bag when you go shopping :)

the shopping bag at full size
Kudos to PottiKadai!


MAnand said…
Oh so u bought it! This is an improvised version of the compact shopping bags launched earlier. To encourage people to carry their own bags and not ask for plastic covers someone (NGO i think) launched bags that can be neatly folded into a really small size and stuffed into a very small bag that is easy to carry. You now find these in Witco as well
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