Happy New Year Everyone!

This is the year of doing, not just resolving to do!

Living greener lives:

We had sorted our garbage for months, maybe even years.  Our plastics and kitchen wastes were stashed separately, so that the ragpicker could get it without having to go through really gross stuff.  But my new baby sitter is really lazy, she will dump all trash in the plastics only bin because it is right there in the balcony, unlike the kitchen waste bin under the sink.  She mostly has only fruit peels to dump after feeding ashu.  Now I have added a new plastics bin, to the balconey, shiny red and fully covered.  I have left my old open plastics bin for her daily use. We have also signed up online for regular sorted trash pickup a new service in Chennai.  Now chennai city corporation's uninterested workers cannot negate all the work we put into cleaning and sorting the trash!  I will update after 3 regular pick ups.

I have ceased and desisted from buying everything that catches my fancy in the grocery store or vegetable market.  Except Jam and Olive Oil all my produce and grocery purchases have been local and seasonal.

I have not dumped any left over food in the kitchen trash. Yet.

Cooking a healthy variety

This has been a good week for healthy cooking.  We had oats for breakfast, ragi for breakfast and a homemade Apple-yogurt-oats quick bread for breakfast (adapted from one of my favourite blogs) in the last week.  We even had leftover rice with yogurt once, minimising waste.  I discovered an excellent recipe for pumpkin pasta and raita at FXcuisine.  The pasta was a reluctant success, the raita was a roaring success.  I made red cabbage + Potato latke, mint paratha, rajma out of fresh butter beans and pinto beans.  I also made the usual Adai, Idli and Dosa.  I got ashu to feed himself happily again by making coin size dosas,each with a different topping.  I made Papdi chaat for dinner once, making gau very happy.  I made phulkas that retained their softness for the entire day twice this week!  

Keeping Track:

I have started creating a weekly task list in my google calendar.  I don't necessarily do what I plan, but I now know accurately what I have not done and when I hadn't done it.  This may seem useless information to some, but you need to realise you are lost before you can find your way back.  Right?

I know it's not even a week since new year.  But baby steps.
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