Choco coco cake. Awesome!

There is a proverb in Kannada, "Thengu Hingu iddare, manke kooda adige maada bahudu" Iif coconut and hing are available, even a monkey can cook).  50% of this was verified today.  I made a coconut-chocolate cake straight out of Chocolate and Zucchini.  In my husband's words, it was as good as the carrot cake we used to have at a Cafe.  The only changes I made are adding a few chocolate chips and frosting with the leftover Swedish Meringue Buttercream frosting I had from making my younger son's birthday muffins.  The occasion was a belated celebration of my dad's birthday (2 day's late but he came home only today).  The cake was baked in a 8.5" round pan and took a full 40 minutes to bake as opposed to the recommended 30 min or less.

I thought for the fun of it, I would do an approximate calorie count of the cake.  It worked out to a whopping 2800 calories! I was too depressed to add the frosting calories.  Anyways finishing leftover is a virtue and does not add to calorie count :)  I gave away 1/2 of the cake, so we pigged out on 1400 calories.  Since my dad had a single slice, the three of us had 400 calories each!  No wonder I feel a little sick and feel a desperate need for a detox diet.

The ingredient weight, INGREDIENT, calories per unit and total calories.

75 g coconut 3.5 262.5
200 g sugar 4 800
100 g butter 7.2 720
125 g yogurt 1 125
4 nos eggs 54 216
150 g flour 3.6 540
4 tbsp cocoa 12 48

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