Summer Holidays and Resolutions

I must first make a very important point:  My older son has summer vacations, my younger son is always on vacation and I never have any vacations.  I am always behind in everything - you name it - cooking, cleaning, rearranging, writing papers, coding, sleeping, crochet project(s), teaching, trying new recipes, writing up new recipes etc... etc...

The Summer projects/resolutions are solely intended for my older son. This vacation we will finally create a game in Scratch, application with pico-cricket and build a robot of sorts with Mindstorms.

This summer Gau will tackle learning Swimming from a teacher he doesnt particularly like at Anna University. He finds it hard to understand that the teacher is just going to remove his floaters one fine day and expect him to swim on his own! He says even to ride a bike his dad or I initially held the bike after the training wheels were taken off :) I cant get it through his skull that 3 foot water is not something you drown in with teachers and lifeguards around. It is time he grows up and gets along with people who don't think he is the cutest thing since baby elephants.

I have already done my part - I have baked him chocolate brownies, mocha muffins , date-banana muffins and mango muffins in my new oven. Recipes and pictures to follow :) We will make coffee cakes and bake lasagna next.

Part of my wishlist for this summer is making a wire koodai :) The kind my MIL has and I crave desperately.

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