finally the Kitchen Sink!

We have bought a 14 year old apartment! The kitchen is being torn down and rebuilt. One of the many wonderful things in the new kitchen is something I always took for granted in the tiny kitchens I used in my American Apartment - a Garbage disposal attached to the sink; Basically it blends the kitchen wastes like the uneaten chillies and karivepillai leaves into tiny particles and sends it down the drain. This might help keep cockroaches out of the sink (i.e. in the sink :) This unit is actually locally manufactured here in Chennai, the factory is somewhere in Ambattur. So NOT made in China!

The next new thing is finally a Built in Oven! A nice decent sized one, one which should inspire me to bake breads and desserts.

Between refurbishing the apartment and my increasingly enchanting, voluble, bratty baby (toddler actually), my PhD is proceeding very slowly. I have sworn to pickup speed rapidly from April 1st. Viva Optimism!


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