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My eldest son is ultralite and an extremely fussy eater.  Every meal is a battle and at 8 years I still spoon feed him frequently!  My meal plans tend to gravitate towards a high protein diet, but, being vegetarian, it doesn't quite reach atkins level.  I add a good bit of fat to my son's diet to up his calorie intake.  Off late he seems to love potatoes in every form, so I (hubby's suggestion actually) have decided to add a lot of potatoes and sweet potatoes to his meal plan, especially his lunch box.

Coming up with interesting lunch box menus has become especially hard since new baby arrived.  I am still very sleepy at 6:30 and lunch has to be packed and ready to go at 8:00.  So when a quick serendipity meal hits bulls eye on all counts - easy to make, healthy,  gau finishes the lunch and asks for more of the same when he gets home - it is definitely a bookmark worthy recipe.

The second time around this recipe was just as popular, but I took the time to note down the measure of the ingredients.  This time I also shaped it like a sausage and rolled it in a methi roti.

Today's Lunch Box:  Potato sandwich on whole wheat bread, Chickpea Apple salad.

Potato filling

2 potatoes boiled in their jackets (300g) 
2 spring onions green part alone chopped fine
1/4 cup pizza cheese (amul/britannia cheese) grated (75g) 
lemon zest from 1 lemon or a tsp of  orange zest
salt and chili powder to taste

Mash potatoes.  

Mix all ingredients into a soft dough.

take a lemon sized ball, flatten and fry both sides on a heated, ghee smeared tawa

Serve on toasted bread with ketchup on the side.


  • Use sweet potato instead of Potato.
  • Add mayo and/or mint chutney to the sandwich
  • Add tomato chutney to the sandwich
  • Use nutmeg instead of lemon zest
  • Use peas or chickpeas along with the potato

And the chickpea apple salad wasn't a hit :( Need a creamier dressing and better apples ...  

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