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My son is a voracious reader. He devours tinkle digests in 1 hour. His last tough book was Raold Dahl's Witches. He has almost finished the entire secret 7 series by Enid Blyton and he has read and re-read the entire Asterix and Tintin collections. We also have our first serious difference in literary taste - I abhor Tintin, seems too much running around and absolutely not funny. I never took to it. Is it a male thing? But, he has internalized the two series so much that he has a skewed idea of history, economics and social set up all from the Gaul point of view (Tintin is not as influential). And he is only 7!

I am desperately looking for the other books from the same publications: Iznogoud and Leonardo is a Genius. If anyone can tell me where to buy these series without shelling out a fortune in India/America/England please let me know!

I also want to go back to the halcyon days when we used to read books together. I thought of Swiss Family Robinson - he would find it extremely funny. Wondering how to find a decent print - not the economy editions available at most bookshops here, I came across the Internet Archive. So much better than the basic bread and water provided by Project Guttenberg!
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