End of first term of school..

Gautham finishes his first term in Ist standard. He has the whole week off to rest and recoup; Or drive his mother and grandmother up the wall ;)
After nearly 66 more or less unsuccesful packed lunches I have made a few discoveries about Gautham's food habits:
Remember Lucy in an episode of "I Love Lucy" where She has to delay Ricky's visit to a play because she lost thetickets or something?
She orders a salad and chews each bite an excruciatingly slow 40 times!
Yeah, that was hilarious.
But Gau doing that in his 30 minutes power lunch half-hour? NOT so much. He once bought his lunch box home having just finished 4 carrot sticks. Wish I could eat as little as that and function as well. Sniff!
The lunch box has to have easily swallowable yet really pretty meals.
Gerber-like purees out, but the selfsame mush stuffed into a sandwich say a Dabeli Sandwich a la Food For Thought is in.
French fries and other roasted vegetables in their ilk are out, but a tottering on the edge of mush poriyal, especially stuffed into a sandwich or a wrap is definitely in.
Crunchy salads are out but sundals, a tamil speciality are in.
Carrots are out, cherry tomatoes are in.
Beetroot raitas are out - he does NOT prefer fuchsia, but finely chopped-onion raitas are in.

I also fix a snack box for the van - some almonds. raisins, dates and maybe a few biscuits (cookies in American parlance). He comes home with a reasonably full tummy and behaves more like a naughty angel than something out of a stephen king flick.
I am close to achieveing 90% completion meals now ;)
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