Criminal Waste or Criminal stupidity

Oct 1st was a virtual bandh in TamilNadu.

Virtual? Yes,virtual. The supreme court had declared government sponsored bandh illegal. So,the ruling DMK part and its octogenarian leader pretended to observe a peaceful day of fasting while calling off most essential services. The net result? People stranded at railway stations.
Poor Patients coming into chennai, hapless.
Loss of a day's wage for those who eke their livelihood from day to day
A day of rest for the well-heeled and the over-payed with promises to compensate for the lost man hours on a weekend
Free publicity for the DMK and the chance to fire a few volleys at the Enemy a.k.a anyone who objects to the poorly thought out Sethusamudram project.

Now for the reason behind the bandh. The Tamil Nadu government, both present DMK and past AIADMK is keen on building a bridge in the Palk Strait, between India and Sri Lanka. The claim an economic bonanza
This would destroy the Adam's Bridge, a natural formation in the ocean, destroying fragile ecosystems claim the environmentalists.
This destroys Rama's bridge,the bridge built by his army from India to SriLanka claim the Hindu fundamentalists.
The economic bonanza is a pipe dream claim some economists.

Each faction makes so much noise, it is impossible to let those who are qualified to decide on the feasibility of this project or find the courage to announce their decision.
Case in point? The Archaeological Society of India first declared Adams's Bridge was NOT built by Lord Rama and then Hastily withdrew the statement!!!!

Personally if any govt promises untold riches especially around election time, I am suspicious. Besides,my natural inclination is to side with the environmentalists. I would also like to see Sri Lanka achieve a modicum of peace before we offer a direct path to potential Militants.

I also want someone to investigate just how much kickback the present and past governments get from the companies building the bridge.

The Communist leader comes on TV and declares anyone who opposes the bridge opposes progress!?

When I prepared for GRE, GMAT, CAT etc... one of our frequent logic exercises was determining the of kernel of truth in reams of flowery language seeking to confuse and confound. Such exercises should be taught to every student in every school in every town and every village all over the country.

We should NOT let our own stupidity enslave us. Let us learn to identify the kernel of truth in the bedlam created around us.
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