Superwoman in the making ;)

Its been a year nearly since my last post and both my little world and the larger world out there has changed tremendously.

Gau is now in 1st standard! Today was his first day at school. Predictably, he left sobbing and came back happy but tired.

DH has now taken up a much more time intensive and stressful job with somewhat less remuneration; It better be a lot more stimulating, satisfying and fulfilling!

My mother has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and finally she has deigned to move to Chennai for treatment at the Cancer Institute in Adyar.

Mothers health problems has given an impetuts to the little voice inside the three of us sisters to be more fit and eat more healthy. Finally I have broken out of the grad school habit of waking up well after the sun is high in the sky; I wake up at 4:50 (or actually out of bed by 5:30) and go for a speed walk or cycling along the Bessie beach. My knees did protest but now they applaud. Next goal? marathon running. There is hope and company for runners here now, try chennai runners!

I now have to pack 3 lunch boxes and make something healthy yet tempting to the tastebuds of my finicky mom. I want to make a balanced meal with as little effort and as much creativity as possible. I aim for a good serving of protein vide daals and beans, a of vegetables and some whole grains. We have started making our mandatory curds rice either with broken red rice or with kambu (millet). Gau protests.

This is this weeks menu so far (Recipe later?):
Lunch Box:
Keerai Saatham
Jackfruit, Apple, Banana Salad

Breakfast Options:

Toast and Eggs
Oats Kanji


Lunch Box:
Sweet Potato, Cluster Beans Sabji
Dandelion, Carrot, Apple, SpringOnion, Feta salad
Peerkankai Pittalai

Breakfast Options:
Toast and Eggs
Sattu Maavu Kanji
Cheese Quesadilla


Bottlegourd and Ridgegourd cooked with Chana Daal
Cluster Beans, Matki Salad (Almost a Poriyal actually)

Breakfast Options
Peerkankai Pitalai (mom made)


Rice n Daal
Something between Theeyal and Vatral Kuzhambu: TheeVatral Kuzhambu
Red Cabbage Potato curry

Breakfast Options
Tomato chutney


Pasta Salad with Feta and Spinach
Fruit salad

Breakfast Options
Doasa with Milagai Podi
Ragi Kanji
Ragi Roti
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