Baby back home

I couldnt resist. I dropped in at the end of lunch hour to see Gau doggedly working at his lunch - I swear the image that flashed through my mind was the sea and the rock of gibraltar, the food being the rock of course. I finally told him he could top if he wants and he was in tears because he couldnt figure out how to close his lunch box. I walked him to his class and he complained I hadnt coloured his Shin Chan peach. He didn't ask me to stay though he didnt like the idea of returning by van. I convinced him it was too hot to wear a helmet and drive home on my scooter.
I went back to work happy with his maturity ye wanting my baby back.

I picked him up at the bus stop in the evening and he was his usual happy, vexing self. He wasnt tired, he was actually some what hyper! For once he told me everything about his school day rather then deceiding what games we would play etc...

We dropped by his pre-school and he played with his old classmate who continues to go there for their daycare. They kicked around a ball for sometime, eaching trying to kick into an imaginary goal post. They played a bat-less cricket match afterwards, He was africa - after the Asia-Africa series, he thinks the whole of africa plays cricket.

AT the end of the day he told me both my Paratha and my salad were good but the quantity was too much.

Tuesday Tiffin:

I have some left over mola keerai masiyal. I added some wheat flour and sat and made my paratha dough.
Keerai Paratha, Daal Tadka and Curd Rice with fruits ;)

and my surprise note?
An origami plane from Alex Schultz website
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