mind like a whirligig

Gautham's thoughts and speech are continuous and touching on every topic in his little world...
He found a foto of DH and me, he must have noticed he was missing; Now he wanted to know when we took the trip, before or after we were married. I have no Idea what brought on the last part of the question!
I changed the bedspread to something newly acquired on a trip to Pondicherry; he loved the colour. Then he wants me to buy lots and lots of new bedsheets. I asked him to quantify; his response? "As many as holes in the mosquito net".
His exuberance when we play together generally only spills into declaring "You are my best friend in the world". He tries to quantify that and comes up with some interesting similies - As much as a giant is big, as much as "Chennai" etc...
Since the weather is getting quite hot, I let him play in his bath for a looooong while. He came out very happy and suddenly declared to my thrilled, astounded, amazed, deeply touched Horror, he feels like Marrying me!!!!!! Oedipus complex, Freud et al be damned, I am just enjoying my spot in the sun.
He frequently breaks into song and dance these dance these days; Favourite is Bhangra to Usha Uthup's "I am Jaswinder from Punjab". Sometimes it is bits and pieces of hindi songs I listen to like "Din Dal Jaayen Hai", the hai evokes a paroxsym of laughter from me, offending him deeply. Just now, he ran up the stairs shouting joyfully "Hum challenge saath saath". He does have an ear for music. After listening to "Harivarasanam" by Jesudas, he watched a song from Chitchor on TV and wanted to know if Amol Palekar was Jesudas. I introduced him to the concept of playback singing. Now, he wants to know who sang "Suttum Vizhi Chudare", since it isnt Surya, who is only an actor.
He wanted to know if meenu Chitti works, I replied yes, but from home. That seemed to clinch his goals. He declared, I am like Hema aunty (Soumya's mom), I dont work; He will grow up and be like Raji Chitti , go out and work!
He had watched the Oswald episode where their outdoor camping trip gets rained out. He surmised drenched means getting wet! We were returning on our Nova, from our grocery shopping trip when he looked at the sky and declared it is going to rain looking at the very very lightly ominous sky. After a minutes of fretting over the possibility of getting wet in the rain, I got irritated and sushed him. Finally when we left a clothing store and started home, it actually did start raining! Thankfully, he is now at the phase were he enjoys a light drizzle so the 1.5 minute traffic light stop didnt drive us nuts.
There are a few coconut trees downstairs where the kids generall;y hang out and play. He snatched a baby coconut my neighbours kid found. It took all my wit to make him give it back. We had a little talk when we came back upstairs and I convinced him he needs to apologise and give her some of the candies from the box he got yesterday. He was the soul of goodwill, he helped me find a bag, slected some candies and walked back to her house and apologised. Then he demanded she give him something. I said he was in error, she doesnt have to. "But I said sorry AND I gave her candies" he wailed and cried all the way back up the stairs.
He is generally a joy to be around; I dont know why he turns into a lil monster when DH's parents (my in-laws) are around. Does he just feed off on my somewhat stressed state or does my MIL's attempts to take his side in every argument egg him onto tantrums? He doesnt behave as badly around raji chitti who spoils him rotten. She doesnt support me either, in my arguments with gautham, but, she gives him logical points to counter argue so the discussion continues to remain civil. After all, I can still, almost always, out argue my nearly 4 year old.
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