Ban PriyaGold 's fresh gold Juice!

It is funny how all the developed countries are realising the importance of eating less packaged food, more fresh fruits 'n' veggies and we are forging ahead in the opposite direction! Case in point: Priya Gold Juice advertisment on Pogo/Cartoon network channels. It is an ad for a brand of juices with no preservatives. Their shibboleth? The mom trilling "ab paani koyi nahi mangega" (no one will ask for water anymore).

The juice claims no preservatives used. I wonder what percentage of the populace notices the significance; it says only no preservatives, it doesn’t say "no added sugar or flavour or color". India is racing at breakneck speed to be the diabetes capital of the world and this company is adding momentum by adding more sugars to our diet!

Here is a incomplete list of reasons to ban this brand in our homes and refrigerators:

  1. It targets kids who are in the 2 - 10 age group, highly susceptible to any suggestion.
  2. It tells them it is cool to drink juice instead of water.
  3. The mother recommends juice when the child asks for water!
  4. It is probably loaded with extra sugars.
  5. Drinking packaged juices such as these instead of fresh water and/or eating fresh fruits increases our ecological foot print.
  6. Isn't "fresh packaged" an oxymoron along the lines of "fresh frozen"?
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