Time's Fun when we are having flies ;)

Gau is Kermit the frog! He is doing innumerable amounts of language jokes!

We were leving pondycherry for a three hour, arduous drive back home to chennai with a very restless almost 4 year old. We playfully asked my sister, leaving for Bangalore the same night, she take Gautham along so that we could drive back peacefully. "Oh, so you are going to shell peas' the full ride back" he quipped immediately! He really is going to be 4 only in march.

He declares Tricycle is called so because babies Try and Try to ride one and finally make it.

Kanian is a somewhat insulting word in Tamil meaning idiot / bumpkin. Gautham has to stand on an old water can to reach the sink. Sathish playfully told Gautham he is a Kanian because he stands on a can to brush his teeth. Gautham retorted he is a Cannon not a Kanian.

I hope I am not overreaching in calling his quips highly creative. The question now is does creativity arise from imitation? My dad and his dad do a lot of such language jokes. They make it a point to explain their jokes to him. Is this where he gets it from? If so, can we really train our children to be a genius of a higher or lower order? Or is this run-of-the-mill childhood generous

Please tell me yes. Otherwise I would drive everyone crazy trying to figure out how to contribute to making him more creative.
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