Vegetarian Sandwich with Hummus

My sister sent me a ton of hummus - a 500g Ragu bottle worth to be precise and I accepted with trepidation.  I have made hummus in the past and found it simply boring until I hit upon the idea of adding fresh home made panneer to it.  My sis batch was even more bland than mine if possible.

This time I am trying another trick:  Pickling vegetables a la Debbie of Smitten Kitchen.  I had to change the recipe of course.  I am getting the stuff ready close to midnight.  No to matchstick cutting, certainly yes to mandolin grating.  Gau had used the last of my distilled white vinegar to try and make a bouncy ball out of Raw Egg and I had completely forgotten to replenish my pantry.  Make do with Apple Cider.

I  mandolined carrots, beetroots and chopped onion and capsicum.  I put carrot in the bottom, then onions, beetroot and finally capsicum.  I heated 1 cup apple cider vinegar with an equal volume of water and about 1 teaspoon of sugar and salt, until they dissolved.  I cooled and poured it over the vegetables; Some of the vinegar ooze out when I put the lid  on.  The top layer is definitely not steeped in vinegar.  Thank God it was only capsicum, tastes awesome even raw.
Professional Looking Ain't it?

Beetroot took over the colour and I lost all signs of my pretty orange - white - red - green layering :(

I had picked up some random greens at Ottanchatiram in Adyar, hoping it had some magical goodnesss about it. This time my pick turned out to be mudakathan keerai.  I had no clue how it could taste.  I simply washed it clean, chopped it fine and sauteed it with shallots and green chillies.  I made patties with this keerai, potatoes, some grated cheese and some cooked lentils. 

Packed and ready to go

scary redness
The rest was easy.  Three slices of bread toasted, buttered on one side, then hummus and patties on one half, hummus and pickled vegetables on the other.   I could have jazzed it up further with a bit of pesto/mint chutney, but I didnt gave either on hand.  The lunch box was a super hit.

This is not so much a recipe, as a how-to, how I get my kid to eat different greens without standing by him with a stern face while he eats :D
One surefire successful way is sandwiches such as these, a little potato and cheese to perk up the flavours and jazzier presentation as compared to our traditional keerai masiyal and paruppu satham. 
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