August Goal

I set my alarm for 5 every morning, which means I am up by 5.40 atleast.  Yet, I leave for work at 9.20 at the earliest, 10 at the latest! This month my goal is to figure out what delays my mornings, why I need 4 hours to get out of the house.
Usual Suspects:
1.  Making breakfast
2.  Making lunch for gau
3.  Making lunch for everyone else
4.  Making coffee
5. Optionally making Kanji
6.  Nursing Ashok
7.  Playing with Ashok
8.  Walking Gau to the bus stop and awaiting the school van
9.  Yakking w S.
10.  Newspaper
11.  Exercise infrequently
12.  Pranayama occasionally

My goal is to reduce all the above to 2 - 3 hours so that I am out by 8.00.  I had a dry run yesterday, and today was bad, very bad, so I will account for this exercise from 31st July itself.

31st July - Carrot Muffins, Roti, Keerai, Carrot Daal all finished within 1 hr 40 minutes.  Packing lunch and getting Gau moving set me back - I had to hunt for boxes.  We had to run to catch the bus!  Exercised for 20 minutes and out of the house by 9.00.  Prep work - I had the carrots grated, coconut scraped, potatoes baked and greens washed and plucked and ready to go the previous night itself.
Gau's lunch was Roti, Daal, baked Potatoes, Muffins for snack..

1st Aug - Idli, Tomato gravy, Vatral Kuzhambu, Karamani Kaal poriyal, Roasted peanuts for snack.  I hit the snooze button and woke up only at 5.40, Ash nursed after that :(  Breakfast cooked within 45 minutes, but preparing shallots for the Vatral Kuzhambu and chopping Karamani took away a good 15 minutes. The van was a full 15 minutes late!  Ash had another extended nursing session at 7.40.  I have been feeling a little under the weather so no exercise.  Left home at 9.45.
 Gau's lunch was idli, tomato gravy and roasted peanuts and date bar for snacks.

2nd August - Today is Aadi Perukku, all the rivers should be overflowing, but given the drought this year, I am not so sure...
Traditionally we make variety of rice items on this day.  I made a capsicum rice and  lemon rice with peas and paneer, idli with tomato gojju.  As usual I was done cooking by 7 but left home only at 10.00.  I did manage to work out for 30 minutes.  Ash came to me at only 4.30 last night;  I missed him so much that I indulged him until I left for work.  The brat wants to know why I put a limit of 2 minutes for everything.... Maybe I should switch to right now!  And I spent a precious 10 minutes ironing Gau's uniform and searching for a book he has misplaced.  S was hectoring him about not packing his bag the previous night, so I didn't say anything :)
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