Dealing with left overs

I had a  bowl of mixed beans curry and half a loaf of store bought wheat bread getting pretty hard in the fridge - I cannot leave bread in a cover on the kitchen counter , squirrels enter my kitchen to feast.  They even built a House-Tree (as opposed to a tree house) in the AC vent!
I then read an article which put the brakes on the potato rich diet I was offering my somalia refugee of a son - Eating greens is necessary to retain one's intestinal health.  I then decided to get ride of all my leftovers and get both kids to eat some spinach with a very simple idea - A savoury custard on bread.
I tore the bread slices, pouired a custardy mix of egg and milk on the eggs, dumped the leftover beans on this mix,  added sauteed spinch and onions and baked the whole mix at 175 deg C for 30 minutes.  Then I added a layer of grated cheese and baked for 5 more minutes.  Voila! Dinner is ready.  S.  had to douse it in a hot tobascoish sauce, but both kids ate it.
Gau wasn't impressed though, doesn't consider this cooking.  So I went back to google and searched for Savoury Pies/Puddings.  I found this Savoury bread pudding :)  Since I paid no attention to my milk volume or egg count, I am going to suggest this is an ideal start point for recreating my not so pretty pudding.
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