Inverse Problem Solved with Potatoes

My 9 year old is very very skinny, blown away by monsoon winds skinny, model for a middle school human skeletal system skinny, drought hit refugee skinny. In the indian growth charts he is <10 percentile, off the charts in the american growth charts. He is also a very fussy eater and a slooooooooooooow eater, he chews each mouthful atleast 90 times. I cook for his palette. always. very very rarely my hubby or my toddler enter my culinary horizon.
My goal is both to keep him healthy and put some flesh on his bones. If I get him to enjoy his meals along the way that would be an excellent bonus. My methods to achieve my goals range from following everything in the latest NYTimes health bulletins to old fashioned methods suggested by my husband, friends etc... Currently I am on a give him an egg and potatoes everyday phase as suggested by hubby. Today I made potato wedges with guacamole; Cut 6 fingerling potatoes into wedges tossed with cold-pressed peanut oil and snuck it into a 225 degree C over for 10 minutes. I than added some dried basil, salt and put it back for 15 more minutes. The peanut oil taste melded awesomely with the roasted potatoes. Next time I would add a few garlic cloves and shallots.
6 - 8 FINGERLING potatoes cut into wedges
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp dried basil
2 tbspoon peanut oil

Pre heat oven to 225 deg C
Toss potatoes in oil and place in oven
10 minutes later add salt, basil toss
Bake for 15 more minutes

Serve with ketchup, salsa or even guacamole
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