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I jumped onto the google+ bandwagon as soon as I got my first invite. Despite a niggling fear in the far recesses of my mind, I feel safer in google+ than I ever have in facebook. I added books and food to their Sparks feature and the first time I clicked on Books Spark, I hit a very interesting blog post, cataloging the blogger's 5 best books in the detective fiction genre. One of her favourites, The Eagle has landed is one of my 3 favourite mystery-spy-thriller set in the world war II time period (The other two,Eye of the Needle and JackDaws are both by Ken Follet) The reason for my excitement? Well, I have read none of her other favourites so I am looking forwards to some awesome reads thanks to her! I am sure the single book match is not a statistical outlier because she lists Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh and the hound of baskerville amongst her favourites, we Are on similar wavelength then.

The last two books I read in the Mystery genre The Snowman and The Hypnotist, while topping the bestseller lists, left me feeling vaguely sick of mankind and not particularly impressed with the main protagonist in either book. The only thing nice about the Steig Larsson's trilogy was Lisbeth Salander's out of this world hacking skills.  No more serial killers. Just simple mysteries. Like Merchant-Ivory Production's The Perfect Murder.

I am thrilled Gau has caught my reading virus. I have to curtail the amount of time he devotes to reading fiction because he is generally oblivious to what happens around him and reading exacerbates the problem. He just read Shel Silverstein's "Falling Up" and Rick Riordan's "The Lost Hero". He even translated a couple of the Shel Silverstein verses for his weekly Tamil Passage.

Ash also loves to read though of late he is a sketching maniac.
He never sets out to draw something specific and possibly fail.
He always scribbles something and then decides what it looks like.
Smart Kid.
So far, he has inadvertently drawn carrot, bed with a pillow, crow, grandpa, poochandi (monster), table tennis racquet, ball, balloon, Football (with something that could pass for a hexagon in it), tree, grandpa, big brother, self portrait.
A rather benign monster

At 19 months that's quite an oeuvre :)
He consistently, successfully draws monsters and balls though.
He has also started judging our drawings. Sorta. Earlier when I drew a horse, he would shout horse, now he says "like a horse". He brings the same level of criticism to his own work too.
He thinks a waffle looks like a window. and that brings me to the recipe of the day.
I got my husband a bottle of pure maple syrup for our anniversary, plonking down 695 Rs at Nuts and Spices for it. The syrup feels more watery than I remember from my US days. I made fresh waffles on our anniversary and today I mixed up batter for Ragi Pancakes (crepes actually, we like it thin). I told him thrice to make pancakes and eat as I was leaving for work at 7 am. He poured the batter into the waffle maker I had NOT put away yet and called me up to figure out how/when to take the waffles out :/ I asked him to wait until most of the steam was gone, resulting in a very crisp yet tasty waffle inspiring Ash's window comment.
Ragi Pancake or Waffle
1 egg
1 cup milk
1/2 cup ragi flour
1/4 cup rice flour
3 tspoon sugar
1/2 tspoon salt

Add the flours to the milk and whisk until lump free
Add egg and stir until uniformly incorporated
Mix in sugar and salt
Let sit for 2 hours

works as waffle or crepe apparently :)
Folded Crepe and a slightly overdone waffle (I find it hard to butter the waffle maker generously)

supposed to be 100% pure maple syrup, feels diluted though

I am a member of iloveread, so I just have to do a couple of clicks and await the books in the luxury of my home. They are even nice enough to buy the books if it is not in their catalog.
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