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I am always on the lookout for interesting read. My favourite procrastination while trudging through the insurmountable doubts my Research throws up. Today's accidental Gem:
Blogging the Periodic Table

He is actually blogging about the periodic table! What a cool idea! I can't wait for Gau to be old enough to read it and more importantly appreciate the Periodic Table.

Helping Gau with his booklet on Swordfish, I discovered they truly hunt like warriors. They race (swim rapidly at 60mph) to a school of fish and just thrust their sword through the school hoping to land a few fish for the day. Also their underside is white so that the poor fish down below thinks it is looking at the sky not the belly of a powerful predator.

I am also going to try and cook/serve 2 - 3 different grains, vegetables and beans/lentils daily.
Today's Menu : Breakfast Apples, Sattu Mavu, Oats and raisins for baby, Dosa and Karamani (leftover from yesterday) for hubby.

Lunch : Basmati Rice with Rajma, leftover Turnip and Knolkhol from yesterday.

Evening : bananas and Oranges - organic from restore.

Dinner : Dosas spiked with nutrilite, sweet chutney and tomato chutney; Lassi / Rosemilk as preferred.
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