Typical Tamilian

Labelling helps. Even us humans. Despite being an American and having been exposed to a variety of foods since he was a baby, he remains the product of 2 Tamilians. Idli and Thayir saatham invariably figures in his top favourite foods ;)

Figuring that out has enabled me to do rather well in the lunch box department!

Tuesday was Idli with Dukkah powder and Sindhi Kadi made with Okra, Cluster Beans, Drumsticks (the tree kind, not the bird kind) and lots of tomatoes.

Today is a Cookie Doc's Panzanella inspired Idli Panzanella!

3 steamed ildis dipped in dukkah and cubed
2 tomatoes (Roma aka the Bangalore Kind, Not the Naatu kind!) chopped
1/4 bunch coriander chopped
1/2 cup cooked beans of different varieties
spring onions chopped
pearl onions chopped
lemon juice

Mix everything and pack

Verdict: Gau ate most of the tomatoes and beans, some of the idli. Wonder if the quantity was too much?

Gau kept losing the lunch box surprise or someone or the other inadvertently spilled food on it! I've now moved Lunch Box Surprise to his pencil box ;)

Today's surprise ? A finger puppet folded from a square of paper.

I must be the first mother in the hole wide world to encourage my child to play in class ;)
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