Terrible Tuesday

The brat jumped off the van and I realised with a shock the lunch bag his Akka was handing off was as heavy as it had been in the morning! The brat had had 2 bites of roti and 1 sip of water thats it! He said he was too busy chatting with J WOng and Samyukth.
My motherly instinct drove all thoughts of discipline from my mind and I rushed him to his favourite eatery, Pizza Hut and got him his favourite Pizza and Garlic bread.
When I got home, both my mom and my neighbour were aghast I hadn't punished his misbehaviour. I left it at giving him a lecture about eating first and talking less.
The goodwill lasted until dinner time. He started throwing a tantrum about finishing his milk - I give him just 1 cup a day and he eats very little yogurt ! I tried to be reasonable and explained he needed the calcium to grow big and strong. He continued to argue and I lost it. I poured the whole glass of milk out and declared I wasnt going to bother any more and he could do whatever he wanted. The guilt trip worked and he promised to eat better provided I didnt pack any curd rice. He asked for roti with jam, hard boiled egg and carrot sticks in his wednesday's lunch box.
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