A tale of two truths

Wednesdays lunch box
For Gautham - Splitpea Paratha, 1 boiled egg and a few carrot sticks as demanded by him.
FOr DH, Splitpea paratha, Mola Keerai kadi, Curd rice.

The lil master got off the bus screaming " I have finished my lunch fully except for a few pieces of carrots. You must get me a treat now P." We walked to nilgiris jauntily - me thrilled with my son's improved eating habits, he thrilled at the prospect of ice cream after school.
We reached home with three Popsicle's, 2 for our neighbours and Gau readily acceded to my demand that he finish his carrots first. Then he slowly tells me he gave the egg to Rishab.
Me horrified "The whole thing?"
Gau reacting to my tone "I think I ate half"
Me, highly irritated "Don't think! Just tell me!"
Gau in a pacifying tone "I don't remember. It was just an egg!"
Taking a deep breath and calming down I asked him to tell me where was Rishab sitting.
To my right.
What did you do first.
gave him half an egg.
what did you do next?
Gave him the other half.

I moved the packet of Murukku he as eating out of his reach and declared no more junk food until he learns to eat properly. For his part, he seemed to be dumbfounded about why I was kicking up such a fuss over 1 egg, after all the lunch box was EMPTY, not full like the previous day! Nothing wasted! He wasn't willing to listen to any explanations either.

Later in the night I sat down and tried to explain he needed 500 calories per meal and parata was about 150. He wasn't listening too eagerly. I told him he could share a piece of his meal not hand off the whole thing. He promised to do better the next day and asked for roti, egg and okra fry for the next day.

He may have got the point. Dinner was decent. Dosa, Curd rice and a glass of rose milk.

Meanwhile, the search for my personal holy grail - a lunch box gau will finish with gusto, continues.

Surprise in the lunch bag: A dragon plane from ALex Schultz.

The two truths? What does finish ur lunch mean? Empty lunchbox? or EMpty your lunchbox by eating everything in it yourself? In another few months I am sure Gau will be able to articulate that clearly.
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