First full day at school!

Today is my baby's first full day at school.

He didnt seem too excited to see the new lunchbag I got him.

He thought the 2 parathas and beans and fruits salad I packed too much to eat.

He was happy with the cube of cheddar cheese I added but asked me to unwrap it and add it to his tiffin box.

He wondered why I put his stainless steel water bottle in the fridge when our previous bottle cracked - He learnt to distinguish between freezer and refrigerator i.e ice-formation and hence cracked bottles and NO ice formation but chilled water.

I put a note in his lunch bag - a drawing of shin chan and a note. I am on tenterhooks awaiting his approval, acceptance and joy.

Todays lunch was Aloo Paratha -

dough prepared with

0.5 cup cooked lentils, left over from yesterday,
1 cup boiled mashed sweetpotato,
1.5 cups whole wheat flour,
1 cup ragi malt
1 - 2 tbspoons each of mint, coriander leaves and finely grated ginger,
salt and
lil bit of chili powder (My son cannot handle even mild green chillies)
1 tb spoon ghee (clarified butter).

rolled to a medium thickness and cooked on a medium flame with 1/4 tspoon clarified butter on each side

MultiBean salad

1 - 2 cups of various beans - Rajma, chana and black-eyed peas today soaked overnight and presurre cooked and drained.
1 bellpepper diced
1 green apple diced.
handful shallots sliced
2 pears diced
1 lemon squeezed
salt n pepper

mix together all ingredients, add some chaat masala and/or black salt if u can stand it. Gau cannot. My DH can. I eat to live now.

I also added a couple of bourbon biscuits for snacking. I wonder if he will skip lunch and opt for snack?

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