Expanding horizons

I read a science article in NYT in the near past - about how the universe is expanding and you will someday see a sky with very few stars; would humanity remember or realise the bigbang started all this? After all, scientific theories are a direct consequence of observation! If the universe looks different, will they know how it looked when it all started?
That question, 100 billion years away, is moot since we are not sure if we will survive even another 100 years!

Bringing this question down to my prosaic life. I was like a million stars in my son's life even a year ago - now the only time he really just chats with me is when we lie down to sleep every night. As his universe expands - school friends, lunch hour friends, evening playmates, hobbies - I will figure less and less in it until he only thinks of me on his birthday, mine and important festivals. I am not very vain; It is enough if my son shares my values, he needn't have to devote his time and his precious thoughts to me when his own life is full.

I have begun a few campaigns to impart my values or atleast explore them with him.

I have enrolled in Greenpeace's climate change campaign. We are both going to follow their 7 steps over the next 7 weeks.

I desperately want him to eat better and eat healthier. We are launching a personal food pyramid program with journals, menus etc... Will share as and when I find the time.

I love an inquisitive child and I want mine to think critically not just wonder idly. So we are going to do our first formal science+art project - explore paper airplane flight. Over the next month or so we are going to fold a paper plane every 2-3 days and record its performance in terms of height attained, length of flight, ease of flight, size of plane etc... I havnt figured out all the logistics yet. But this should be awesome fun and educational. He will learn origami and the importance of working neatly and accurately.

Yestardays lunch, he finished just 1 roti. But he came home, finished his lunch box and then ate banana, drank milk and had a popsicle. Finally he HAS met my lunch+snack food quotat but not in the time frame I expected. We have moved the problem domain from 'choice of food he prefers' to 'how to teach him to eat faster'. This is a more serious problem - he has never taken less than an hour for a proper meal.

I had put a whole shell - the two halves still attached at a point - in his cutlery box; He didnt notice ;(

Today, Pasta Salad and Sooji-Besan Kesari.

Todays surprise is another plane - a night hawk.
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