At the edge of success

Todays lunch box was almost a complete hit!

He nearly emptied it and complained very lil!

What did I pack? Idli dipped in a Dukkah Podi with Tomato Gojju!

Idli is just fermented rice cakes. My extra soft, extra protein version has
4 cups rice and 1 tsp methi seeds soaked for 6 - 8 hours
1 cup urad daal and 1 cup moong daal soaked for 45 minutes.

The rice is ground to a fine paste
The daals are ground adding lil water at a time, until they are fluffy and higher in volume than the rice paste,.
Salt to taste, ferment overnight.

Steam in idli moulds until cooked through.
My favourite breakfast is idli smeared with milagai podi, flavouring the idli and keeping it moist. I needed a mild alternative for my son. I decided to make it with nuts and then discovered such a thing already exists for dipping pita/bread!

The principle of dukkah and milagai podi is the same, though the methodology for getting the podi on the food is different - milagai podi is mixed with oil and water to form a runny paste. Idli is dipped in it and packed for lunch or eaten ASAP!

Gautham spl dukkah powder
1 tbspoon each almonds, pistachio, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, melon seeds etc..
1 tsp coriander seeds, cumin seeds, peppercorn.

Roast everything together until a warm aroma emanates.
Let cool.
Grind to a coarse powder - fine powder would become a paste!

Caveat: Gautham did not like the dukkah powder, but I need to get some meat on his bony frame. I'll continue to mix it with clarified butter and dip the idli's for his lunch box ;)
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