capitalist insensitivity?

Have you seen the SBI advertisement in The Hindu of late?

The first advertisement I noticed featured a poor slob dragging a very heavy cart laden to breaking point under a merciless sun beating down on him. The one featured today portrays another poor slob slaving away under the hot sun, washing a unending pile of clothes. The caption in both cases reads ex-pickpocket.

What message were we supposed to take from it? The ones I got were
  • Images of Hades and greek lores of what hell would feel like - unending unrewarded toil.
  • SBI ensures a bigger divide between the haves and the have nots?
  • SBI ensures your financial well being at the expense of the other 80% of the country. Why aspire to material wealth when 80% of the country is living in squalor?
  • The economy is shaky, remember the true face of India?
  • SBI condemns pickpockets to a life of squalor and mindless work?
  • A CPI(M) election peg : Capitalism sucks communism rules.
  • Wealth and sensitivity dont belong in the same planet.
  • This is how we waste the energies of able bodied youth in India?
Really, how can a picture of abject poverty evoke an image of financial comfort?

Havent the folks who made this advt heard the wrong picture gives a thousand wrong messages while the right one just might, plausibly give right message?

The advt, btw, pegs SBI debit card for a cashless world.
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